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Update from our Level 5s competition.

Results: Level 5 Seniors Maddy - Overall First - Third: Freehand; First: Rope; Second: Hoop; First: Clubs Natasha - Overall Second - Second: Freehand; Second: Rope; Fourth: Hoop; Second: Clubs Sienna - Fourth: Rope We are very proud of our level 5’s today. Although...

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Level 1 & 2 Event at Mitcham

Congratulations to Yehanya who received gold for Level 1 in Hoop routine & club elements. How proud we are of Yehanya. 2 Gold ribbons! Very proud of her & coach Daisy!! Posted by Kara Kara Rhythmic Gymnastics club on Saturday, 7 July...

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End of Term display

Wednesday 27th June at 6pm we will be holding an informal display. Parents are welcome to come & watch. This allows the gymnasts who are not here for the end of term display to show parents and friends what we have been working on. On Saturday the 7th July we will be...

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Level 3 & 4 Competition #1

What a wonderful morning the Kara Kara team had at the first Level 3 & 4 competition. We are so very proud of all our gymnasts! RESULTS: Level 3 Seniors Esther - First:  Freehand, Ball Hunter - Second: Freehand,  Ball Isobel - Third:  Ball Level 4 Juniors Martha -...

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Cartwheel-a-thon fun!

What a fantastic event raising needed funds for our club. We saw so many backbends, walkovers and of course, Cartwheels! Thank you to all the gymnasts who raised money and a special congratulations to those listed below who all raised enough to receive a rope....

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Tanya judges at Nationals

Congratulations to our Head Coach Tanya who judged at the Australian National Championships, which was held in Melbourne in Early June. Tanya was joined by Teresa from Temarika & Kara from Holdfast as the 3 Judges for South Australia> It was a fantastic experience as...

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Wednesday night the 6th of June we will be running our Cartwheel A Thon within our normal class time.   This is a fundraising event as well as giving the coaches a chance to review how the gymnasts are tracking.   Gymnasts are able to choose if they wish to do any or...

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Kara Kara 40th Birthday

We all had a great day celebrating our club turning 40 years old last year. We would like to sincerely thank Isobel's Uncle for running a really awesome Disco, which was so good we will kindly ask him to run another as a fundraiser some time soon. The Kara Kara...

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