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Rhythmic Gymnastics has some very strict rules regarding a gymnast competition attire.

In saying that, internationally there are some very interesting Leotards that do not strictly conform to the rules, without penalty taken.

Leotards are usually made from Lycra/ Spandex and a stretch mesh.

They can be in a basic “shiny Lycra” , or made with plain lycra but hand painted with the design painted onto the leotard. They can remain undecorated or adorned with Crystals which are glued on or ‘Hotfix’ used which is like “iron on”.

Here is an example of how detailed it is to properly hand paint a leotard, thanks to Rhythmicgym101 from youtube.


They vary greatly in price, with the top international gymnasts  leotards costing in the vicinity of $2,000 australian dollars., most of the cost is in the copious amount of crystals they use.


FIG also encourages that a gymnasts leotard should portray the character of the music and enhance the performance aspect of the routine.


detailed Leo



Competition leotard’s should always be hand washed in cold or only slightly warm water, and only a little detergent. Softener can be used after the wash but again only a little is recommended.

Care should be taken when ‘wringing’ out the excess water and they are best dried flat on a towel or if necessary hang up on the line by the underpants.



Links to purchase second hand / new leotards




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The below information is taken from the FIG [ federation internationale de gymnastique ]

2013 – 2016 CODE OF POINT

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5.1.1. Gymnastics leotard
• A correct gymnastics leotard must be in non-transparent material; therefore, leotards that
have some part in lace will have to be lined (from the trunk to the chest).
• The neckline of the front and back of the leotard must be no further down than half of the
sternum and the lower line of the shoulder blades.
• Leotards may be with or without sleeves, but dance leotards with narrow straps are not
• The cut of the leotard at the top of the legs must not go beyond the fold of the crotch
• The leotard must be skin tight to enable the judges to evaluate the correct position of every
part of the body.
• The leotards of Group gymnasts must be identical (of the same material, style, design and
color). However, if the leotard is made of a patterned material, some slight differences due to
the cut may be tolerated.
5.1.2 It is allowed to wear:
• Long tights down to the ankles, over or under the leotard.
• A full-length one-piece leotard (unitard) provided that it is skin tight
• The length and colors(s) of the fabric covering the legs must be identical on both legs (the
“harlequin” look is forbidden), only the style (cut or decorations) may be different.
• A skirt that does not fall further than the pelvic area over the leotard, tights or the unitard.
• The style of the skirt (cut or decorations) is free, but the skirt must always fall back on the
hips of the gymnast (the look of “ballet tutu” is forbidden).
• Gymnasts may perform their exercises with bare feet or gymnastics slippers

• The hair style must be neat and trim and the make-up clear and light.

5.1.3 Jewellery of all types and piercings, which could jeopardize the security of the gymnast, are not
• Penalty by the Coordinator Judge:
o Dress of the Individual gymnast and of the Group gymnast not conforming to the
regulations: 0.30 point.
o Emblem or publicity not conforming to official norms: 0.30 point.
5.1.4. Bandages or support pieces cannot be in colors and must be of a beige color.
• Penalty by the Coordinator Judge 0.30 point if this rule is not met.
5.1.5. Every leotard will be checked prior to the entrance of the gymnast in the competition hall.
Missing emblems will be submitted for penalty by the Coordinator judge.