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In conjunction with Kara Kara’s Constitution, we as a community wish to encourage a cost friendly training attire which will allow gymnasts to train safely, minimising risk and allow coaches to perform their duty effectively.

Permitted training attire:

  • Kara Kara Club leotard
  • Black bike shorts
  • Black tight leggings / footless tights
  • Black training leotard
  • Black tight singlet top
  • Black tight t-shirt
  • Black long sleeved cross over
  • Black leg warmers
  • Club jacket / Black jacket (must be taken off after warm up)
  • Toe shoes
  • Ankle weights
  • Back braces

NOTE: The predominant colour must be black. Small accents of other colours are allowed however the club colours of white, teal or silver are preferable.


Neat bun with all loose hair off the gymnasts face

Neat braid with all loose hair off the gymnasts face

Exception: Gymnasts with hair which is too short to put into a bun / braid must have their hair in a neat ponytail with all loose hair off their face

Note: All other hair styles are not permitted and the gymnast will be asked to fix her hair prior to class starting for her own safety


  • Loose tracksuit pants
  • Loose t-shirts / singlets / long sleeved tops
  • Any attire where the predominant colour is not black
  • Jewellery including watches, bracelets and necklaces
  • Earrings which are not small studs